Right Here All Along (2001)
by Ali-Ollie Woodson (Expansion/XECD33) (Ollywood Records/OWRCD-0001)

  1. Turn Out The Stars
  2. Angel
  3. Drama In The Bedroom
  4. Power Of A Woman
  5. Whatever It Takes
  6. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
  7. Deeper Love
  8. Get Next To You
  9. Love's Not All
  10. Believe That
  11. Never Give Up
  12. Down The Line
  13. Love Is Slipping Away
  14. Right Here All Along
  15. My Na Na (US release CD Only Bonus Track)
*The song titles with colored letters are written by Ali-Ollie.


Ex-Temptation Woodson's solo project has been agonizingly difficult to complete, but finally after quite a few years of difficult pregnancy, the birthing is over and we have a bouncing baby CD !!
It has been worth the wait, though, because this is the strongest straight-up soul project on the Expansion imprint since the wondrous Howard Hewitt set of some years ago. While they're been busy dabbling in jazz-funk, and blue-eyed bounciness, the chaps of Expansion haven't forgotten what soul music is all about, which is rip-roaringly illustrated by this fine, fine slab of soul.
I'll tell you how good it is : the much-played "Drama In The Bedroom" is one of the worst tracks on it !
In the words of the ancient prophets ... "Get it bought !"

( by Dean Johnson / "BLUES & SOUL" )

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