1984 , Ali-Ollie Woodson appeared to the front stage of the music scene with the album
"Truly For You" by The Temptations (a.k.a. Temps .)
The first cut single "Treat Her Like A Lady" was written by him and it became a big hit (#2 on Billboard R&B chart) and he completely took over the place of Dennis Edwards as the lead singer of The Temps.

Before Ali joined The Temps, he played drums with Frederick Knight ( "I've Been Lonely For So Long" ), took the part of singer & multi musician for The Drifters , and replaced Teddy Pendergrass as the lead singer of The Blue Notes , before pursuing a solo career.

1983 , he joined The Temps , and his first recording with them was "Stop The World Right Here" on the "Back To Basics" LP recorded in the same year.

1985 , The Temps released the album "Touch Me" which includes 4 songs written by Ali.
And the next year, the album "To Be Continued" was released, and the first cut single "Lady Soul" was loved by hundreds of thousands , especially in Japan.

But suddenly Ali left The Temps as ( Dennis Edwards was back to replace Ali), and then he disappeared from the music scene .
His last contribution at that time, a solo, was only the 12' single recording with Former Ladies Of Supremes.

1988 , Ali was asked to, and came back with, The Temps in September as Dennis Edwards had left Temps again.
It was just before The Temps' 3rd Japan tour after 12 years, so the next month of October, he came to Japan for the very first time with Temps' Japan Tour 1988 and completely fascinated all the audiences, everywhere.

After that, he toured Japan with The Temps in 1989 & 1992
. Since then, The Temps released further albums with Ali like "Special" (1989), "Milestone" (1991), "Emperors of Soul" (1994 : anthology album), "For Lovers Only" (1995), and Ali was indeed singing as the lead singer of Temps again.

But , at the same time, Ali began a unique solo movement in his music career.

1993 , Ali did the album "Spirit Traveler" by David T. Walker, James Gadson and other Motown studio musicians.
In this album, he contributed his eloquent lead vocals on 4 songs including his own song, "I Love You".
Shortly after, he made many solo recordings by himself like "March On" (1994 : a tribute album to Martin Luther King Jr. ) for the song "Martin", "Never Alone-Duets" (1996) by Paul Jackson Jr. as the lead vocalist for "People Get Ready", and "Peace In The Valley" (1996) by Bill Pinkney & The Original Drifters as a lead vocalist for "True Love".

1996 , Ali's name was included in the Japan Tour members of "The New Temptations" gathered by Dennis Edwards , and his Japanese fans realized he had left The Temps again.
He canceled this tour, and the promoter stated that it was because of a condition in his voice was bad. However in the aftermath of this bad news, we had another we were blessed with the great news of his 1st solo Japan Tour 1997.

We're not satisfied with the band for this tour, but Ali fascinated all of the audiences with his sincere performances and the fantastic talent as an entertainer, and the next year, he was invited to Japan again for his 2nd solo Japan tour 1998 with his own band for which he was had wishing desired for such a long time.

Now , after the recording as a guest singer for on the album "Al Dante" (2001) by Al McKay All Stars and his Japan Tour 2001, Ali-Ollie's solo album "Right Here All Along" is out finally from Expansion in England. And at the same time, he's touring as with his group, "Emperors Of Soul" with Richard Street. They are recording a new album which includes, of course songs written by Ali.